May 14, 2016

New Employee Forms

Welcome to Security Specialists!

Please complete all three of these forms and bring a copy of each to the first event you work. Please also bring two valid forms of ID.

Refer to page 3 of Form I9 (below) for examples of what is acceptable identification.

Click here for the Employment Employment Eligibility Verification form (I9).

NOTE: You need to fill out BOTH of these withholding forms:

Click here for the Federal Employee Withholding Allowances form (W-4).

Click here for the Minnesota State Employee Withholding Allowance form (W4-MN).


Complete the above forms I9 and Federal W4, AND click this link to complete the State of North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board License application:

Complete page 122a, and 3 and print the complete pages. In addition to these pages, supply the requested documentation where applicable. Once complete, contact our office for further instruction and how to obtain your fingerprints.