July 19, 2016

Staff / Security Guidelines



Security Specialists, Inc. will mail checks to employees within two (2) weeks after completion of an event. All employees will be mailed a W-2 form. Advise Security Specialists, Inc. of changes in address, telephone number or any wrong information to (651) 439-8440 or email securityspecialists@earthlink.net.

CALLOFFS:  If you cannot make a shift, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible.



2)Treat concert and campground attendees with respect. Personal feelings should never be allowed to interfere with performance. Be helpful and friendly to patrons. Immediately help any person who may be in distress, vulnerable and any other problem a patron may be experiencing. Seek supervisor/management help as needed. Our job is not only security but public relations.

3) All staff are to remain alert, observant and prepared to respond the entire shift.

4)Cellphone usage while on duty is PROHIBITED.  If there is an emergency, inform your supervisor to be relieved.

5) The drinking of alcoholic beverages or the use of illegal drugs while on duty is prohibited. Reporting to duty under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited.  Any violation will result in immediate termination of employment. Again, it is stressed, the drinking of any amount of alcohol or use of drugs while on duty is immediate termination.

6) Security vest/shirts/radios/laminates are to be used “only” while on duty/post. All supplied items MUST be returned at the end of the event. Failure to do so may result in a deduction of items on your check.

7)​ Staff are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while on duty. Staff is to discourage attendees from performing lewd acts. Staff are not allowed to request lewd acts of conduct from attendees or take pictures of these acts.

8) All confiscated items from patrons are to be turned in to management. Employees are not authorized to keep any item(s) taken from a patron. All confiscated items will be turned over to the event management office.

9) Security Specialists, Inc. is not authorized to approve guests of our employees to enter an event without a ticket or prior authorization.

10) Employees are not authorized to give rides to patrons on their ATV while on duty except for medical related incidents.

11) Employees performing duties with an ATV/UTV are required to drive the vehicle in a slow and safe manner while on the event site. If you are using your personal ATV/UTV you must have insurance on your ATV/UTV.

12) Employee behavior is to be consistent with rules and regulations set forth by each event. We are not authorized to break the rules we are hired to enforce.

13) Never make public statements to the media concerning the event, promoters of the event, patrons or employees of the event we are providing security for.

PERSONAL DRESS AND HYGIENE (Mystic Lake has its own dress policy):

1) Dress appropriately:

  • Black pants or shorts. No holes, tattered or torn pants, no leggings, no sweatpants and no cutoffs.
  • White T-Shirt must be worn under your vest. Preferred plain, but when not possible, must not have anything derogatory on it. Shirt sleeves cannot be rolled or tied up or cut off. Shirts can also not be tied at the waist (no skin should be shown).
  • No opened toed shoes. Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Security Specialists hats only.

2) Have a neat and clean appearance; showered and well-groomed.

3) NO SMOKING of any type or CHEWING while on post.


1)Bring rain gear, suntan lotion, bug spray, flashlight and even an extra change of clothing and shoes.


1)Employees are to remain on assigned posts. Do not wander to other areas. Breaks will be provided. Anyone leaving their assigned post to work a different post without being reassigned by a supervisor will not be paid for hours after leaving assigned post.

2)Report all incidents and unusual activities to a supervisor for documentation. Ensure that an incident report is completed.

3) Staff assigned to Parking Lots and Campground areas must be observant of suspicious vehicles and/or unusual activity. Obtain the make and license number of the vehicle(s) and respond if the situation deems appropriate. Call for backup prior to responding.

4) The use of necessary physical force may be required at times. All use of force situations must be reported to your immediate supervisor and an incident report completed. When use of force occurs, the attendee is to be brought to the police for processing. See Minnesota State Statute 609.06

     –Self Defense;

     –Defending or aiding other staff, or third party;

     –Preventing the commission of a crime;

     –Preventing the destruction of property;

     –Enforcing the rules and regulations of the concert site and/or campgrounds.

It is imperative that the least amount of force necessary in any given circumstances be the amount used. Excessive use of force is inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

NEVER use a chokehold or place hands/knees to the neck area. NEVER strike an individual.

5) It is the policy of Security Specialists, Inc. to prohibit harassment of its employees and event guests based on sex, race, national origin, religion, age, creed, color, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, stats with regard to public assistance or political affiliation.

6)Supervisors will meet with their assigned staff prior to the start of an event. Supervisors will explain expectations and procedures of a post. Staff assigned to an entrance will be given a demonstration of a contact search.


1)Security Specialists, Inc. has Workers’ Compensation in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

2)Steps to follow:

Report any injury to one of the supervisors.  A first report of injury will be completed by HR;

Receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible;

Complete an incident report as soon as you are capable;

In an emergency, call 911.